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Cleaning Blocked Pipeline

Your company's operations depend on the cleanliness and maintenance of pipes and tube bundles, so this is a task that cannot be skipped.

Inevitably, clogged pipes or tubes will impact plant productivity and slow down operations; fortunately, Rukam Silver General Contracting Est's cleaning blocked pipeline services in Saudi Arabia is ready to assist when this occurs. Your tubes and pipes will be thoroughly cleaned by our dependable hydro jetting solutions. Regular cleaning ensures that your equipment can run as efficiently as possible, reducing the risk of a blockage or complete failure while also removing unwanted deposits and hardened scale.

The state of the art as of right now is represented by this technique. Hydro-jetting makes use of the force of high-pressure water to clear blockages in pipes and clean the inside surfaces of the pipes of sludge to avoid a recurrence. In a hydro-jetting system, a high-pressure water line that is inserted into the pipe is used to cut the pipe instead of mechanical cutting blades.

Precision nozzles integrated into the cleaning head at the end of the line produce water jets at a pressure of about 3,500 psi. This stream of extremely high pressure scrapes the pipe walls and cuts through impediments like a knife. Sludge and blockages are instantly transformed into a semi-solid state and flushed away into the sewer by the water blast. In contrast to mechanical pipe cleaning equipment, high-pressure water does not damage clogged plumbing pipes or joints while obliterating sludge and blockages, including tree roots.