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Skips are containers where junk can be disposed of. Large volumes of waste laying around are uncomfortable and dangerous, whether you're doing a landscaping project or clearing out your home.

By using a skip, you can keep garbage contained in a secure area away from people in the community and your family. The disposal of a skip for the duration of your project provides a practical trash management solution. Skips can be used over a few days to gather junk before it is carried away and disposed of, as opposed to piling it up in unsightly piles before disposal.

Finding an excellent bargain on a variety of various skip sizes is simple with Skip Hire Services. We can deliver the ideal skip type for your needs thanks to our wide selection of skips, which will help you save both time and money.

Rukam Silver General Contracting Est offers to skip hire services in Saudi Arabia and comprehensive tips and recommendations to help you with skip rental, including details on skip sizes and rates, skip licenses, and what you can and cannot put in a skip.

Size of the skip and in which they are suitable:

6m3 Skip

General Waste

6m3 Covered Skip

Food Waste, Organic Waste

12 m3 Roll-Off Skip

Items, Hazardous Waste, Heavy Waste

m3 Roll-Off Skip

Expired Items, Hazardous Waste

30 m3 Roll-Off Skip

General Waste, Light Waste