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Supply of Raw & Drinking Water

Less than 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater, and only 1% of that is usable because the majority of it is trapped in ice caps or deep underground. Considering that 60% of our bodies are made up of water and that life cannot exist without it, protecting the freshwater resources of the world is of utmost significance. Due to the wide variation in surface water quality, untreated raw water is very rarely suitable for drinking or industrial processes.

Producers of drinking water must contend with constantly declining raw water quality and increasingly stringent regulations for safe and sanitary potable water. Raw water has varying concentrations of algae, bacteria, viruses, sand/clay particles, and organic decomposition products. Its pH can also change. The best treatment techniques are coagulation and flocculation. We can assist you in meeting your needs for safe drinking water based on our years of experience in a variety of applications.

Your need for peace of mind for consistent delivery is guaranteed by the dependable and ethical Rukam Silver General Contracting Est supply chain.

Seawater and brackish water are desalinated and processed into drinking water and process water in areas where natural groundwater or surface water cannot keep up with demand. Reverse osmosis is a specialized membrane technology that must be used to remove the main salt components, sodium and chloride, to render this type of water usable (RO). Water reuse applications also make use of membrane technology. This refers to the cleaning and reuse of wastewater for commercial, agricultural, and in some cases, municipal processes. Not all water used must meet the standards for drinking water.

    We are supplying all over eastern province of Saudi Arabia, with tanker capacity of 32,000 liters with the followng item:

  • Raw Water
  • Sweet/Drinking Water
  • Distilled Water