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Sewage Removal

Any wastewater or materials that are disposed of through sewers are considered sewage. Kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets produce the majority of the wastewater and sewage, but commercial businesses are also responsible for producing sewage in the form of liquid waste. Water that gathers on roofs and other elevated places can also produce sewage. Stormwater could overload a sewage treatment facility and cause an overflow or spill, hence sewage often goes to a different treatment facility than stormwater. Sewage has an offensive smell and contains impurities like chemicals and raw materials that can release hazardous vapors that can be biologically destructive.

Rukam Silver General Contracting Est provides sewage removal services in Saudi Arabia. We have 16000 liters vacuum tank for removing sewage water, used water, and rainwater. Also, we have super suckers to remove grease, cooking oil, and septic sludges. We are the top-most sewage removal service provider in Saudi Arabia.

    16,000 liters Vacuum Tank

  • Sewage Water
  • Used Water
  • Rain Water

    Super Sucker

  • Grease
  • Cooking Oil
  • Septic Sludge

    32,000 liters Vacuum Tank