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Grease & Oil Removal

Water and grease don't mix, particularly when they pass through sewage systems. Grease traps are necessary for industrial kitchens because of this. Grease, oil, and fat-laden effluent from the food service business flows through pipes from kitchen sinks and makes its way to the treatment facility. That is why it is required to clean restaurant grease traps regularly.

However, grease cannot be handled in treatment plants.

Additionally, as grease solidifies, it obstructs water lines, leading to sanitary sewer overflows and sewer backups.

Grease traps and grease interceptors must be used by local and state regulations to prevent sewer backups.

Grease traps and grease interceptors are used in a variety of buildings besides restaurants.

Grease traps must be installed in hospitals, shopping centers, schools, and other buildings to prevent obstructing sewage lines and paying fines as a result of any obstructions.

When a sewage blockage occurs, the establishment's internal plumbing systems need to be fixed, which results in unprofitable downtime for the company.

With the help of Rukam Silver General Contracting Est's grease & oil removal pumping service in Saudi Arabia, you can legally and safely remove waste water and trap grease from restaurant interceptor systems by environmental laws and municipal legislation.

    Reasons For Cleaning Of Grease Traps:

  • Foul Smell
  • Expensive Tank Replacement
  • Awful Cleaning
  • Bacteria Proliferation
  • Blockage In Drainage System
  • Penalties