Industrial Water Removal

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Industrial Water Removal

Industrial water removal is a very difficult task. The undesired water product after the completion of the process is called industrial water waste. These productions of wastewater perform so many bad things. It's better to remove the industrial waste water as soon as possible.

Rukam Silver General Contracting Est provides industrial water removal and We are the top-most sewage removal service provider in Saudi Arabia.

    16,000 liters Vacuum Tank

  • Sewage Water
  • Acidic Water
  • Ink
  • Oily Water
  • Rinsing Water
  • Emulsified Oil
  • Industrial Water
  • Base Solution
  • Used Oil

    Super Sucker

  • Glue
  • Grease
  • Sludge
  • Contaminated Sand
  • Contaminated Solvent
  • Mud

    32,000 liters Vacuum Tank

  • Bilge Water
  • Ship Waste Water